The name Tanzania conjures up images of wildebeest stampeding across vast savannah, rain forests teeming with monkeys and birdlife, and great plains brimming with legions of game.


All of these natural wonders and more are on offer in this exceptionally diverse African nation.


Visitors typically visit Tanzania to partake in at least one of the four well known Tanzanian tourist experiences: a relaxing seaside vacation on the picturesque island paradise of Zanzibar, an underwater tour of some of the world’s most renowned dive sites around the gorgeous Spice Islands, a safari adventure in some of Africa’s most impressive game reserves, or a hiking excursion around Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.


Whichever of these incredible holidays you choose, you will undoubtedly be welcomed by some fabulously friendly and peaceful inhabitants who, despite being divided into 120 different ethnic groups and cultures, live in harmony with one another and provide some of the most wonderfully exotic local cuisine you could imagine.


With all of this diversity on offer, the most difficult part of your Tanzanian holiday experience is likely to be deciding where to go!


Days 2 - 9

Paje is a tiny fishing village on the east coast of Zanzibar’s Unguja Island. The village is best known for its excellent kiteboarding conditions especially for beginners as the local reef-protected lagoon is blessed with a consistent side-onshore wind for much of the year. The settlement rests on a magnificent strip of coastline offering ideal conditions for swimming in the warm, azure waters when the tide is in or exploring the coral reef once the tide has gone out. Paje boasts two supermarkets and a number of small shops selling locally-produced souvenirs. If you are seeking a laid back, peaceful vacation spot where you can embrace the slow pace of island life, look no further than the remote little seaside village of Paje.

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