Imagine thousands of soaring forested islands rising out of emerald waters and you have a vision of the breathtaking beauty that is Halong Bay.

Halong (declared a World Heritage Site in 1994) means ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’ with the legend telling of a massive dragon descending from the mountains, gouging out crevasses and valleys and as it charged towards the coast.

Halong Bay is a stunning limestone seascape a 2.5 hour drive from Hanoi and is a highlight for many on a tour of Vietnam.

A Halong Bay Cruise is a great experience and whatever the weather, the beauty of the bay is outstanding and cruising on a traditional junk is a very relaxing experience.

Cruising Halong Bay is best done as an overnight trip, in order to really experience the beauty of Halong Bay. We only recommend the best vessels for our cruises on Halong Bay.

The Halong Ginger, Jasmine and Violet each offer a very personalised experience and high standards whilst Paradise Cruises offers one of the best overnight cruises on Halong Bay.

Bhaya Cruises offer great value and a choice of cabins for up to 3 adults. It is even possible to cruise Halong Bay in a private one-cabin junk.