Set in beautiful Myanmar, Mandalay is the stuff of literature, lyrics and legend – with good reason: the city’s combination of crumbling colonial charm, elegant Buddhist temples, and lush hilly surrounds have rendered many a traveller hopelessly intoxicated with it.

Visiting here is like stepping back 50 years in time: beat-up buses trundle along wide avenues, men in longyis cycle serenely around the moat, and monks pad silently through dusty temple courtyards.

Add to that Mandalay’s warm, dignified locals and many nearby sightseeing gems, and you have a recipe for an amazing travel experience.

Don’t miss a trip up Mandalay Hill to take in panoramic city views; sunset at Ubein Bridge– the longest teakwood bridge in the world; a visit to the Buddhist Mecca of Sagaing, encompassing scores of temples and the Buddhist University; and a mellow boat trip down the Irrawaddy River to see the colossal stupa base at Mingun.